EPIK Program

EPIK Interview Questions

​Top 5 EPIK Interview Questions and Tips
1. Why have you chosen to pursue a teaching job in Korea?
The emphasis here is why you would make a good EFL teacher and why, specifically, a teacher in Korea?
2. Why do you prefer to teach in [province/region]?
If you selected one on your application, they more than likely will ask you why you are requesting to be placed in that location.
3. What grade/age group would you prefer to teach? Why?
The key here is your understanding of Korean students and the characteristics of the grade/age groups you wish to teach.
4. How do you intend to adapt to the differences between your country and Korea?
Acknowledge the cultural differences and similarities. The more you are aware of, the better. This is a good opportunity to demonstrate your understanding and interest in Korean culture.
5. How will you handle classes that consist of students with varied English skills and capabilities?
For this question, you’ll want to pull from your TEFL training or experience. Discuss a couple strategies you would implement in a classroom, such as: classroom arrangement, pair work, group work, and scaffolding techniques.


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