EPIK Program

EPIK Required Documents

image Before you can get that NOA and school placement, you need to submit all required documents. The hard part is obtaining it all in a timely manner so that your application isn’t delayed. Take it from someone a perfectionist, it is easy to screw this part up. I applied for the Fall term, which is actually not the ideal time to come in since it’s mid-school year, but if you are applying anyways, then here’s the list of documents you’ll need (assuming you’re not applying from Korea and that you’re not Korean). My advice: make a spreadsheet; it will keep you incredibly organized and on top of everything you need to succeed! If you want help with organizing that spreadsheet, I’d be more than happy to help.

List of Required Documents:

① Application Form

② Photocopy of Passport Information Page

③ Passport Sized Photo

④ Apostilled CRC

⑤ Apostilled Diploma

⑥ Sealed Transcripts

⑦ Two Original Recommendation Letters

⑧ Proof of Level 2 Pay Grade: TEFL/TESOL/CELTA Certificate or Teaching License


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