iSPA food 🥘 yes please!

iSpa is a Korean traditional day spa located in Irvine, CA.  The facility is clean and well-maintained. I recommend the Jimjilbang+Sauna for those who would like to sweat off some calories in the saunas, relax in the heated mineral pools, and then take a nap in the jimjilbang. For only $25 I think the experience is worth it.

If you’ve never been to a Korean Traditional Spa. There are several things you’ll need to know.

1. The wet area is nude only. Yes, get over it.

2. They provide each patron 1 pair of shorts and a shirt that you must wear in the common area (aka Jimjilbang)

3. Don’t bring a towel, you’ll be given a couple of towels at the front desk. Make sure you save one in your locker for the showers, unless, you want to dry off with a sweaty towel.

4. There are 2 sets of lockers. The first one is small and they’re only for your shoes. The second one is the large one for your belongings and clothes.

5. Anything you wish to purchase during your stay will be charged to the wristband locker key that you should wear at all times (trust me, it’s easy to lose, so don’t take it off)

6. If you get a body scrub, massage, facial, or any other spa service make sure to bring cash for tip. Yes, most places will give you an envelope for your tip.

7. Don’t bother bringing slippers, they won’t allow it.

8. Make sure to shower every time before you get into the pools. Yes, that’s every time, so if you shower then go to the pools, then go to the saunas, you should shower again before you get back into the pools.

9. Yes, they speak English.



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