Jeju Island, Videos


My mother and sister sending me off to Korea at LAX Airport was surreal. We said our goodbyes over and over and they watched as I went up the escalator and waved them a final goodbye. As soon as I got through the security check, I felt my heart beat triple. I felt off balance and I was losing my senses. I remember stumbling into the first restroom after security. I had no idea what was going on with me, but I felt a huge rush of anxiety fall upon me and I was struggling to breathe. Moments later, I realized I was probably having what people would call a mild panic attack. After reciting prayers and focusing on my breath, I felt the nervousness in my stomach begin to settle. I had to hear myself say out loud, over and over again, “You can do this.” Once I pulled myself together, I took a snap before leaving the women’s restroom.


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