EPIK Program

EPIK Recruitment Agencies

Korvia Consulting is and has been one of the most reputable recruiting agencies for US citizens. They are based in Seoul and provide one-on-one guidance throughout the entire application process. Their website is extremely resourceful and thorough, so if you’re not completely aware of all the program details or you have some questions, I suggest reading through their FAQ pages. As you can probably see, there are a lot of pros to working with Korvia; however, as someone who has worked with Korvia and spoken to other EPIK teachers, there are some things I would consider:

  • Response time can be a little lengthier during peak hours or the month of EPIK placements. In all honesty, Korvia would always get back to me within a few days during this time, but when you’re racing the clock and you have questions about documents you need to submit asap, it can seem like you’re missing your window.
  • Popularity = Competition? I’m not saying that Korvia won’t guide you to success, but considering the large amount of applicants they hand hold each hiring season, I would think that a lot of their candidates don’t make it to the final cut. Whereas, one of the other recruiting agencies or an independent recruiter with less applicants, will have the capacity to provide more individual attention to each applicant and would probably have more impetus to push their candidates through the pipeline as efficiently as possible, as their reputation depends on it. In my personal experience, Korvia was great and well, I got placed, but it was a long arduous process. But after speaking with other teachers, I learned that their recruiter pushed them through the pipeline much faster, in fact, my next door neighbor went through a much different process. It took her about 2 weeks after she applied and well, it took me half a year. In my opinion, Korvia is just more thorough as they try to hire the best of the best, but had I known there was an easier route, that went by the name of Jimmy, I would have taken it.

EPIK puts out an official list of recruiting partners each year; however, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t other independent recruiters working behind the scenes to place other qualified applicants. Here is the official list:

  1. Korvia Consulting (Korea)
  2. ESL Consulting (Korea)
  3. Reach to Teach (USA)
  4. Oxford Edication (Korea)
  5. Korean Horizons (Korea)
  6. HandsKorea (Korea)
  7. Canadian Connection (Canada)
  8. Korea Immigration Recruiting Service (Korea)
  9. Goldkey Education (South Africa)